Disclamer -Legal notice

Legal notice – disclaimer

I am collecting all information available on this blog, guided by good faith and maximum possible objectivity, drawing on reliable and always known scientific sources. As everyone knows, the advice of any blog is not a substitute for a doctor’s visit and only he is entitled to treat your animal. The information contained in this blog is therefore only for educational purposes and in no case can be a substitute for professional treatment or a delay in taking such treatment.

Remember that the world is full of information changing almost every second, therefore the treatment of your animal is taken by only one person who takes responsibility for them in real time and is only your veterinarian. I will also add that any scientific or anecdotal source can be updated over time if new facts appear for my message. I am not obliged to inform the reader of this blog about placing such updates or any corrections to the previously published text.

Unless the text says clearly, all information applies only to adult dogs – therefore data on puppies, bitches and nurslings are not included in it. When it comes to herbs, they are only an example of a dietary supplement and in no way pretend to be a drug. Before using them, it is essential to seek the advice of a veterinarian, because even a supplement can have an adverse effect on a particular animal.