About me

I am a zootechnician. I chose this profession for love of animals, and although I worked briefly in it, it left me inclined to analyze elements that make up the animal’s well-being.

There are not so many of them: a roof over the head, proper food and water, a suitable place in the herd, both animal and “human”, satisfying the need of movement or play, and a lot of love, or at the same time basic humanitarianism when it comes to farm animals. And, of course, health.

Preservation of health is the resultant of so many factors that it is sometimes difficult to identify the cause responsible for the disease. Because we are part of everything, we move and live together with everyone. The more complicated the system in which we operate, the more difficult it is to discover the interconnectedness that connects us as a unit with the environment that surrounds us. Drowsy waters flood into the River Disease. Drop by drop, hour after hour, raise its state until it exceeds the alarm level. This is the last moment to prevent flooding. We are watching our river, building medical dams to keep it in check, but also diligently investigating the sources that power it.

Animals, especially dogs, have always accompanied me. Not infrequently helpless in the face of the diseases that plagued them, I started to explore the paths of knowledge that in the Internet age ceased to be a luxury commodity, available only to the chosen one. As far as our strength, willingness and possibilities are concerned, we are able to possess even its crumbs, and every pinch of it is like a precious and expensive spice. Without falling into a self-righteousness – we do not give up without a fight because “who does not know anything, must believe everything” 1.

Together with Little Black, Little Red and Mr. Cat, who are accompanying me in my life today, we invite you to read the blog.